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Completely Portable Mobile Range Technologies in Wichita Falls, Texas

Completely Portable Mobile Range Technologies

Mobile Range Technologies is the industry innovator in container modular firing ranges and mobile trailer firing ranges focused on design, development, and technology that will lower your cost of ownership and boost the value of your investment. Our completely portable firing ranges safety standards while integrating technology innovations that lower your cost of ownership and add value to your investment.

Because both the Container Modular Firing Range and Mobile Trailer Firing Range can be moved, MRT addresses the problem of traditional range build-outs that can take years to appropriate and construct. We provide a solution that is operational in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost. Our mobile alternatives provide a better capability at a lower price point than traditional ranges for both government and commercial customers.

Why Mobility Matters for a Gun Store Owner

Traditional gun store owners are unable to allow the customer to test-fire a weapon because they don’t have a practical way to allow them to shoot. By contrast, our CMFR allows any gun store to add the option of a portable range in a footprint of 320 square feet (8’ x 40’).

This allows the customer an opportunity to go from concept to reality in a very short period of time. For less money than adding a brick-and-mortar range, any gun store owner has the option to add a state-of-the-art mobile range that provides customers an opportunity to shoot before buying the weapon that interests them.

 By leveraging the best commercial practices for technology integration while focusing on reliability, the result is a unique solution that provides superior technology at the lowest possible cost while meeting the most stringent safety requirements.

Benefits of a Portable Gun Range

In addition to cost savings, our Container Modular Firing Range (CMFR) and Mobile Trailer Firing Range (MTFR) offer several benefits over traditional brick-and-mortar ranges because they are:

  • Moveable: Both the CMFR and MTFR are easily moved to accommodate changes in venue or location and occupy much less space than traditional ranges.
  • Scalable: CMFR and MTFR have two lanes, making it simple to expand from a small location to a larger one by integrating more lanes based on demand.
  • Deployable: CMFR and MTFR can be easily deployed to off-site locations for training operations much more rapidly and easily than other options.
  • Safe: CMFR and MTFR meet and exceed all federal standards for safety and health in key areas such as ventilation, noise, and operations safety.
  • Versatile: CMFR and MTFR offer 360-degree target retrieval systems and full-spectrum firearms simulation.
  • Quieter: CMFR and MTFR are double-insulated and include sound-reducing materials to reduce noise for the shooter and the environment.
  • Accountable: CMFR and MTFR are 100% armored (floor, walls, ceiling) to ensure no round escape the facility, allowing them to be recycled.

Let Mobile Range Technologies Improve Your Shooting Experience

When you are ready for a better experience at the gun range, choose Mobile Range Technologies. Our company offers a robust, affordable solution for customers seeking a better option than a traditional range at a lower cost. Contact us online or give us a call at 940-500-2086 for more information.