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Mobile Range Technologies in Texas

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Mobile Range Technologies, LLC (MRT).
1002 Central Freeway, Wichita Falls, Texas

Mobile Gun Range Technologies

Mobile Gun Range Plans & Specifications

Mobile Gun Range Image
Mobile Gun Range Image

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Standard Features

 40' Pistol Container (most common pistol calibers not rifle caliber pistols) Firing Range 360⁰ armor plating with:
 ✓ 2 Shooting Booths include 2 LED Lights per booth plus LED target lighting,
 ✓ Shooters Shelf that folds up flush into wall,
 ✓ 2 Shooting Lanes - 8 yards with touch screen controlled wall mounted target retrieval system (patent pending)
 ✓ MRT Bullet Trap (patent pending)
 ✓ MRT HEPA Air Filtration (patent pending) with 4 ton AC/Heat pump we use 100% outdoor air that passes across the shooters.
 ✓ Spray foam Insulation
 ✓ 2" Sound Foam on Ceiling and 1.5” of sound absorbing rubber on walls (firing line forward),
 ✓ Rubber Floor
 ✓ Meet / Exceed Federal Standards
 ✓ Easy to clean Stainless Steel up to Firing Line
 ✓ 100% Built-In Controls Throughout
 ✓ All Components Built-In to Walls
 ✓ Only needs 50amp 208/220 circuit
 ✓ 1-year warranty,
 ✓ Customers Choice of Exterior Paint Color and
 ✓ Free Training in Wichita Falls TX. Want amobilerangeadd a trailer line 5 TRLR-100 and fully self-contained mobile range ad line 4 GEN-100.


Optional Features 


Turning Target Retrieval Sys


Fully Integrated Live Fire Simulator 


Generator, Tank, Mounts, Battery


40' Semi-Trailer 


Camera Group (3 Cameras & recorder)


Intercom System (container only)


Lane Simulator

MRT gate

MRT Tactical Training Gate


Alum. stairs


Training – Your location


Customized Decals


Extreme climate control system