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Mobile Range Technologies, LLC (MRT).
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40' Static Pistol Container

40' Static Pistol Container

40' Static Pistol Container

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Includes all the Following in Base Price:
 ✓ Pistol Rated (Most Common Pistol Calibers up to 44 MAG Not Rifle Caliber Pistols), We Make it Affordable to Upgrade to Rifle Rated at Time of Order (See Option)
 ✓ 360⁰ V2 Ballistic Steel Plate Plating Meeting NIJ Level III (STD-0108.01)
 ✓ 2 Shooting Booths With 2 LED Lights per Booth Plus LED Target Lighting
 ✓ 2 Removable Shooter Shelves
 ✓ 2-8 Yard Shooting Lanes 
 ✓ Center Rail Target Retrieval System 
 ✓ MRT Bullet Trap (Patent Pending)
 ✓ MRT HEPA Air Filtration System (Patent Pending) with 4 ton AC/Heat Pump
✓ We Use 100% Outdoor Air That Passes From Behind Shooter Then Down Range Where the Air is Pre-Filtered Twice and Then HEPA Filtered Before Discharging Back Outside
 ✓ Insulated Between Framing and 1” Drywall Between Framing and Container to Reduce Exterior Noise
 ✓ 2" Sound Foam on Walls and Ceiling (Firing Line Forward)
 ✓ Rubber Floor ✓Meets / Exceeds Federal Standards
 ✓ Easy to Clean Stainless Steel up to Firing Line
 ✓ Only Needs 50amp Single Phase Power
 ✓ 1-Year Parts Warranty 
 ✓  Free Training. 
Contact Us for pricing
Email scott@mrtrange.com or call 940-500-2086 for pricing.

Turning Target Retrieval System (TTRS)
Programmable TTRS Upgrade
Fully Integrated Live Fire Simulator
MRT Tactical Training Gates (2)


Rifle Rated Bullet Trap, Exterior Door and Shooting Stall (up to 308win) Meeting NIJ Level III (STD-0108.01)

10KW Generator Package with Transfer Switch