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Modular vs Portable Mobile Range Technologies in Wichita Falls, Texas

What's the Difference Between a Mobile vs Modular Gun Range?

Mobile Range Technologies offers a mobile gun range, which offers more flexibility than a modular range. Here are some of the benefits of our mobile gun range.

Ease of Location

With a modular gun range, it requires the ground to be prepped and the surroundings to be cleared.  Our mobile gun range is on a trailer so anywhere you can park a truck trailer, you can use our range.

Use it Anywhere

With a modular gun range, you need to have special equipment brought in to move and transport it each time.  With our mobile gun range, all you need to do is back up a semi, hook it up and you are ready to go.

Variety of Uses

Our mobile gun range can be used for training, corporate events, parties or personal use.  The ability to take it anywhere as needed allows you to get more use than stationary gun ranges. It can even be a great opportunity for a small business opportunity to cater to law enforcement or to gun enthusiasts who want a different shooting experience. 

Interested in a  Gun Range?

If you are considering a modular or a mobile gun range for your personal use, for your company or for an event, call 940-500-2086 and we'll walk you through the options we offer.  We build custom ranges to fit your needs.