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Panelized Range System

Panelized Range System

Mobile Range Technologies is proud to offer the all new Panelized Range System! Would you love to have a small range in your home, garage, gun shop, police station, military base or other location? Need a range that can be moved when needed? We have the solution for you. We build a bolt together steel panel system for walls, ceilings, shooters booths and bullet trap. They are pistol rated as our standard but can be easily upgraded to rifle rated by upgrading bullet trap, entry door and shooting booth at time of order (see RIFLE RATED UPGRADE in options). Choose 8’ (2-3-lane) or 12' (3-4 lane) widths, 8’ ceiling height, any length in 4' intervals by purchasing the 4’ extension kits (extension kit includes: 2 wall panels, 1 ceiling panel and target retrieval rail). Every 4’ extension will add 1.33 yards. Each panel is designed to be insulated between the framing and designed for 1” of drywall on the exterior walls and ¾” plywood on ceiling to dampen the sound once panels are installed at your location. Each Range Base Kit is designed to be a Static Pistol Range (most common pistol calibers up to 44 MAG, not rifle caliber pistols).

Base Kit price includes the following:

✓16 Wall Panels (1 with Entry Door) ✓7 Ceiling Panels (2 with HVAC Ports) ✓Bullet Trap ✓Pistol ranges with 360⁰ 1/4" Steel Plate Plating Meeting NIJ Level IIIA (STD-0108.01) ✓3/0 Ballistic Rated Entry Door ✓Inlet and Exhaust Ports for HVAC ✓Bullet Trap ✓2-5.3 yard Lanes with Shooting Stalls, Shelving and STS Target Retrieval System per Lane ✓Epoxy Primed ✓Complete Set of Installation Instructions.

The panels weigh approx. 380lbs each for 8’ wide kit. The bullet trap section (approx. dimensions 2’ deep X 8’ tall x 4’ wide), weight 750lbs +/- for pistol and approx. 2100lbs +/- for rifle. The 8’ wide kits will have 2-piece bolt together bullet trap and the 12’ wide kit will have a 3-piece bolt together bullet trap. Specs are subject to change as we see fit to improve our product and will be disclosed prior to ordering! Contact Us For more Information

back of bullet trap of range system
back view wo back wall of range system
bolt pattern of range system
bullet trap wo curtain of range system
entry side view of range system
fold up shooters shelf of range system
side view of range system of range system
view from bullet trap of range system
Panelized Range Syste Side View 1-16-2020
Panelized Range Syste Cross Section 1-16-2020
Panelized Range Syste Top View 1-16-2020



8’ Wide Kit

  5.3 Yard Base Kit 8’ Wide, 2 Lane

12’ Wide Kit

  5.3 Yard Base Kit 12’ Wide, 3 Lane
  12’ Wide 4’ Extension (1.33 Yards)

Options for Both Kits

  HVAC System
  2” Sound Foam Ceiling & Walls. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  Onsite Installation
  Additional Light Baffles
  TI Simulator (Onsite Installation)
  Additional Lane (30” Wide per Shooting Booth)
  RIFLE RATED UPGRADE 8’ Wide Rifle Rated Bullet Trap, Door and Shooting Booth (up to 308win) Meeting NIJ Level III (STD-0108.01)
  RIFLE RATED UPGRADE12’ Wide Rifle Rated Bullet Trap, Door and Shooting Booths (up to 308win) Meeting NIJ Level III (STD-0108.01)
  RIFLE RATED UPGRADE 12’ Wide Rifle Rated Bullet Trap, Door and Shooting Booths (up to 308win) Meeting NIJ Level III (STD-0108.01)