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25-Yard Double Road King

The Road King

Double Road King is available with the following specifications. Customs builds available!

  • Granulated Sloped Rubber Bullet Trap
  • 360 Degree Armor Steel Plating with:
    • Simplex push button lock for secured Access
    • Shooting Booths with LED Lights
    • Shooters Shelves
    • 2 or 3 Shooting Lanes with 25-yard Hard Rail Target Retrieval System with Turning Target Retrieval System to Include 3-Levels White, Red/Blue Strobes – (mounts in front of the drive unit on each lane) and a CR-2TL Master Controller to Make Your own Custom Scenarios
    • Engineer designed and TX stamp HEPA Recirculation Air Filtration with makeup air in range for shooters' comfort and safety with AC & Heat
    • Leveling Jack at the Back of Trailers to support range on a firm foundation
    • Exterior warning light to show range is hot
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Stainless steel Fold Down Shelving in Range and Control Room
    • Additional mounting Supports in range to add speakers or other Devices
    • Custom Graphics (Logo next to main entry door)
    • Control Room with Ballistic Viewing Window and 360 Degree Armor Steel Plating, Stainless Steel Countertop, Comfortable Chair Low Voltage electrical box to Range, Separate Mini Split for Heating and Cooling, Painted Walls and Ceiling
    • Separate Mechanical Room with own entrance and stairs to the Service ventilation system
    • Insulated Between Framing and 1” Drywall Between Framing and Trailer to Reduce Exterior Noise
    • 2" Sound Foam on the Ceiling and 2” Ballistic rubber on the Walls (firing line forward)
    • Sealed Rubber Floor
    • Alum Platform & Stairs
    • Consumables Package: (25-Target Backers, 6-2” Pre-Filters, 2-Bag Filters, 2-Hepa Filters)
    • Easy to Clean Paintable Surface up to Firing Line
    • Only Needs Single Phase 50amp, 208/220 Circuit
    • Factory White Exterior
    • 1 Onsite setup and Training

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