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The Road Runner

The Road Runner

When you want the rugged dependability of a MRT range, but long for portability, this is your range.

The Road Runner is a 40’ mobile shooting range built inside of a single use (1-trip) high cube container, set on a standard chassis trailer. The Road Runner offers an impressive lineup of applications, including training, corporate events, or parties – but is economical enough for personal use.

Using only a 50-amp single phase power hookup (like a typical RV), the Road Runner can even be run in remote locations on a generator to literally become a self-contained shooting range that can be set up virtually anywhere.

Our standard Road Runner is configured as a 2-lane 7-yard pistol shooting range, but can be upgraded to a rifle shooting range, and our standard package includes everything you need to set up and start shooting in your own fully functioning indoor mobile shooting range.


Standard Specification

40' Static Pistol Mobile Shooting Range Side Entry (most common pistol calibers up to 44 MAG. Firing Range 360⁰ Armor Plating with:

  • Simplex push button lock for secured Access
  • 2 Shooting Booths with LED Lights
  • Shooters Shelves
  • 2 Shooting Lanes with 7-yard Caliber Hard Rail Target Retrieval System
  • MRT Slopped Rubber Berm Bullet Trap
  • MRT HEPA Recirculating Air Filtration with AC/Heat
  • Insulated Between Framing and 1” Drywall Between Framing and Container to Reduce Exterior Noise
  • 2" Sound Foam on Ceiling and Walls (firing line forward)
  • Sealed Rubber Floor
  • Easy to Clean Paintable Surfaces up to Firing Line
  • Only Needs Single Phase 50amp 208/220 Circuit
  • New Chassis Trailer
  • Aluminum Stairs
  • Consumable Package (25-Target Backers, 6-2” Pre-Filters, 2-Bag Filters, 2-Hepa Filters)
  • 1-year Parts Warranty
  • Customers Choice of Exterior Paint Color on Container
  • Onsite Training.

Optional Upgrades

Generator with Manual Transfer Switch

10KW Onan diesel generator with fuel tank, battery box and 2-way transfer switch that allows user to switch from house power to generator power. This option is a must when traveling to remote locations where power might not be available.

Rear Entry (The Docker)

Our rear entry or dock entry is the perfect upgrade if you have a dock at your facility or if our side entry doesn’t work on your site. The rear entry is standard 6-yard, 2-lane shooting range with all the standard finished we provide with our other mobile or modular ranges.

Rifle Rate

(Up to 308 win. (7.62x51 2800FPS). Up grading your shooting range to allow rifles is a great opportunity for your trainers and customers to shoot rifles or pistols.

Down Range Sound Foam Wall Treatments "Now Included in Base Price"

Improved shooter comfort inside the range, and reduced noise outside the range in the event it is being used in a populated area, or within another structure, such that shot noise might be an issue to neighbors. Lowered noise inside the range = lowered noise outside the range. The white urethane film surface provides an attractive appearance, provides protection of the foam surface, and is light-reflective, while being easy to clean using common water-based cleaners. It is flame-resistant in accordance with the UL HF94 standard.

Down Range Rubber Wall Treatments

Rubber wall treatment package is a must if you’re going to allow shooters in front of the firing line to fire their weapons.


25-Target Backers, 6-2” Pre-Filters, 2-Bag Filters, 2-Hepa Filters and 2-Rubber "Now Included in Base Price" The consumable package is something all ranges need to assure you have extra consumable on hand when you need them.

Turning Target Retrieval System with master control

(12" touchscreen) 3-levels white, red/blue strobes behind shooter and on target carrier. The master control can run Time Drills, Random Drills or Training Scenarios from this screen on the lanes selected. The CR2 platform control system is powered by an industry leader in industrial automation.Robust and reliability are the 2 main features required in any control system. We believe we have this and stand by this with a 3-year warranty.

This industry is one of the harshest environments for any control system, in particularly the target control screen mounted in the stall or booth. Not only does the screen have to handle lead dust and airborne chemicals, but also more importantly the sound repercussion or sonic boom when a shot is fired. Commercially available hand-held devices like tables were not made for this and do not last long in this environment. Although tablet devices are usually cheaper than an industrial control screen, having to replace them a couple of times a year soon adds up.The reliability of these devices is also an issue. Having to press a button 3 or 4 times on a cell phone or tablet may be acceptable for some applications, on a target control system it is not. Using an industrial screen with an industrial processor ensures every time a button is pressed the target will react.

Tablet device are, susceptible to updates. Some updates can affect and even wipe out 3rdparty software. This could prove very costly with lane down time and tech visits…

Custom Graphics

Make your investment stand out by adding your logo and company name to your mobile gun range.

Firearms Training System

Want to step up your range to scenario-based training range. LIVE FIRE, LASER, and LESS LETHAL. ShootHouse provides Live Fire and Laser based "Use of Force" simulation, alongside designing manufacturing and installing shooting ranges and ShootHouse's worldwide

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