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Shot Show 2019

Shot Show 2019 Sponsorship | Mobile Range Technologies & Lucas Oil

Mobile Range Technologies, LLC and Lucas Oil have teamed up together to sponsor the Beer Garden (booth 11983) at this year's Shot Show.  We will have one of our mobile ranges on full display in the Beer Garden if you would like to visit us. The range is open to everyone to see but if you would like to have a private more in-depth look please let me know and we will schedule a time. We also have a Shot Show special for orders placed at the show or by February 10th, 2019. If you're interested in financing I can put you in touch with the company we recommend and get you pre-approved prior to the Shot Show, just let me know and we can get that started also. Hope to see you in the Beer Garden!

Mobile Range Technologies is proud to introduce 53ft Mobile Ranges at The 2019 Shot Show one will be a 12-yard range and the other one is 10 yard with a control room for a range officer, both will have rear entrances and include the following features   


 53' Dry Van Pistol Range (most common pistol calibers up to 44 MAG (not rifle caliber pistols) 360⁰ Steel plating with: 

✓ 2 Shooting Booths include 2 LED Lights per booth plus LED target lighting, 

✓2 Shooters Shelf that folds flush into wall (center 3rd shooting lane option will be a fold-down shelf), 

✓ 2 Shooting Lanes 12 yards (10 Yard w/control Room Option) with touch screen controlled wall mounted target retrieval system (patent pending)

✓ MRT Bullet Trap (patent pending) 

✓ MRT HEPA Air Filtration (patent pending) with 4 ton AC/Heat pump we use 100% outdoor air that passes across the shooters. 

✓Spray Foam Insulation 

✓Alum. Stairs

✓ 2" Sound Foam on Ceiling and 1.5” of sound absorbing rubber or 2” sound foam on walls (firing line forward)

✓ Rubber Floor

✓ Meet / Exceed Federal Standards 

✓ Easy to clean Stainless Steel (or 2” sound foam) up to Firing Line 

✓ 100% Built-In Controls Throughout 

✓ All Components Built-In to Walls 

✓ Only needs 50amp (70amp w/control room) 208/220 circuit 

✓ 1-year warranty

✓ Free Training in Wichita Falls, TX

Optional Features

Programmable Target Retrieval System, Integrated Live Fire Simulator, Camera System, Intercom System, 3rd Shooting Lane, Tactical Training Gates, Custom Decals and Rifle Rated up to 308 win. Rifle Rated Would Have a Rubber Block Bullet Trap.

Below are 2 pdf drawings of the 53ft mobile ranges were introducing at the shot show but we will be displaying our 40ft model like is on our website.

For more information about the 2019 Shot Show, visit https://shotshow.org/